Volleyball Activities In Your Area

Set yourself up for fun with a CLUBWAKA Adult Volleyball League. The game is the same as always, but at CLUBWAKA we add music, parties, and theme weeks, to ensure you and your teammates have a blast! Plus, with indoor and outdoor Volleyball Leagues offered, you can keep the party going all year long!

All activities are co-ed & 21+. Full Teams or free agents welcome. No experience necessary.

CLUBWAKA volleyball rules

  • Rule


    Must play with at least 2 players of each gender.

  • Rule


    1 hour matches, 3 sets/games per match.

  • Rule


    Rally scoring to 21, no sideouts.

  • Rule


    Must win by 2 points or first team to 25.

  • Rule


    6 on 6 - team sizes of 6-14 players, 8 on 8 - team sizes of 8 -14 players

  • Rule


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