Soccer Activities In Your Area

Get a great workout and meet fun & active people with the most social Adult Soccer League in town! With indoor, outdoor, and various formats based on field and roster sizes, you'll be able to find a CLUBWAKA Soccer League that's perfect for you! Your registration includes a team t-shirt, certified referees, league parties, and weekly postgame festivities!

All activities are co-ed & 21+. Full Teams or free agents welcome. No experience necessary.

CLUBWAKA soccer rules

  • Rule


    Follows the guidelines of NCAA Soccer, with exceptions stated in full ruleset.

  • Rule


    Slide tackling is not allowed.

  • Rule


    25 minute halves.

  • Rule


    11 on 11: Team size of 14 -20, 5 touch rule for males

  • Rule


    7 on 7: Team size of 11 - 20, 4 touch rule for males

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    Click the "View Rules" button to see the full 11 vs. 11 and 7 vs. 7 rules document.