Kickball Activities In Your Area

Relive your childhood glory days on the playground with a CLUBWAKA coed adult Kickball League! CLUBWAKA leagues are built with an emphasis on the social aspect, with each league having an official sponsor bar that players flock to for postgame food and drinks, as well as theme parties all season long. As a result, CLUBWAKA Kickball leagues are one of the best ways to meet fun new people around town!

All activities are co-ed & 21+. Full Teams or free agents welcome. No experience necessary.

CLUBWAKA kickball rules

  • Rule


    Team Sizes: 14-26 players.

  • Rule


    11 players on the field.

  • Rule


    Minimum of 8 players needed to play and at least 4 of each gender.

  • Rule


    No substitutions.

  • Rule


    Same kicking order must be maintained throughout game.

  • Rule


    3 strikes results in an out, 4 balls results in a walk, 4 fouls results in an out.

  • Rule


    Bunting permitted unless the league is classified as a no bunting league.

  • Rule


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