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Alcohol & other Field Regulations Alcohol is prohibited on the field and anywhere on the premises, per park regulations. All participants and spectators are required to abide by any and all regulations imposed by Facilities at which CLUBWAKA activities are conducted. CLUBWAKA is obliged to enforce regulations imposed by the park or field permit authority, and reserves the right to expel or otherwise discipline any player whose conduct jeopardizes the league's permits and field agreements.
Player T-shirts While participating in CLUBWAKA games, players must properly wear and fully display the official CLUBWAKA athletic clothing designated for their use (once received). Repeated violations of this requirement may result in a paper forfeit (see below). Modifications and decorations to T-shirts are allowable, provided that all original printed logos (front and back) are not altered or obscured. Wearing team T-shirts to the League Bar is typically required to qualify for CLUBWAKA specials and discounts.
Protests The league will consider protests beyond the Head Referee at its discretion. Be advised that overturning of game results is discouraged in the strongest possible terms, but discussion of controversies is useful for avoiding them in the future.
Lightning Referees must cancel outdoor games if lightning is seen. Putting the game on a 20-minute hold is a valid alternative where storms are known to come and go quickly. Lookin' at you, Miami.
Administrative Penalties aka "Paper Forfeits" A "paper forfeit" is an administrative penalty applied to a team, for failure to provide Refs as assigned or for other transgressions as might be deemed appropriate by League leadership and/or CLUBWAKA. Paper forfeits, unlike game forfeits, do not also count as a Loss, nor do they nullify or replace the result of a given game -- they simply add a forfeit to the team's record, impacting their standings and counting towards the 3+ forfeits that would disqualify a team from tournament play. (See League Tournament Guidelines.)
Player Eligibility All participants must meet the following requirements: 1. be 21 years of age or older by the date of the first game; 2. be adequately and currently health insured against any injury that may arise from kickball play; 3. be properly registered with CLUBWAKA including but not limited to full completion of the registration process. A player may only sign up for one team per league, but may sign up for multiple leagues per season.
Roster Violations A team playing a non-registered person, an improperly registered person, or a person not registered on that team, league, and season, will forfeit that game. This team may also lose the right to play in any post-season tournament, league tournament or other national tournaments..
League Size Each League must have at least four (4) teams. Maximum team numbers per league may vary with available field space.
Team Rosters CLUBWAKA reserves the right to add additional players to teams during the registration period. See local League pages for additional guidelines and ground rules for registration.
Sponsorships CLUBWAKA must approve all affiliates, partnerships, sponsorships, advertisers and league bars.