Virginia Beach FC Regional Kickball Tournament 10v10

Welcome to WAKApalooza Virginia Beach Kickball Tournament Weekend 2021. We have got plenty of kickball planned, including games for both the competitive and casual player with cash prizes! Do not miss out on a weekend of safe and competitive fun!

Registration: April 23 -  July 8, 2021
Event Date: July 10, 2021

FC Regional Kickball Tournament: New Founders Cup Rules, 10 defensive players, minimum 4 of each gender on field, 4/4 pitch count, 4 pool play games, CASH prize.

Kickball Open Charity Kickball Tournament:  League Rules, 3 pool play games, 5 of each gender in the field. 

Host Hotel: TBD

For detailed rules and questions, email

CLUBWAKA Covid-19 Protocols and Guidelines: CLICK HERE


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