Coed No-Bunt Kickball Thursdays at Poinsettia Park (Hollywood)

CLUBWAKA Kickball is one of the best ways to meet new people in town! Are you new to town and looking to branch out? Searching for Mr./Mrs. Right? Want to network professionally? Looking for new fun ways to stay active? Or do you just want to meet new people? If you answered yes to any of these, then CLUBWAKA Kickball is for you!

Hollywood Thursday Kickball (aka Bigfoot) is 10 v 10 no bunting kickball.

No bunting means you must kick away and fully extend your kicking leg. This league is pitch-to-your-own-team so you can tee up your perfect big boots!

  • Games will be between 7:30pm, 8:20pm and 9:10pm every Thursday. With 7 teams, each teams will get one bye week. 
  • After the games, CLUBWAKA Kickballers will enjoy drink and food specials (details coming soon!)
  • SIGN UP EARLY AND SAVE: Many CLUBWAKA Kickball Leagues offer tiered pricing, meaning the earlier you sign up, the more you can save! So what are you waiting for? Register today and buy yourself a beer or two with the savings!
  • No team? No Problem! With CLUBWAKA, you don't need to round up a full team to join the fun. CLUBWAKA accepts free agents and small groups and we'll match you up with a team that fits your competitive and social preferences!







    June 17 - Week 1 

    June 24 - Week 2

    July 1 - Week 3

    July 8 - Week 4

    July 15 - Week 5

    July 22 - Week 6

    July 29 - Week 7

    August 5 - Playoffs (All teams make the playoffs)

    August 12 - Playoffs

    *Each team will get one bye week


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