Come join the exciting team at CLUBWAKA. If you love to socialize, be active, and help people make new friends, then CLUBWAKA is the place for you.



Various Markets

League and Social Managers (LSM) are CLUBWAKA’s brand ambassadors – responsible for delivering our premium social sports experience and for building and growing our fun communities around activities, leagues, events, and parties.

First Year Outcomes

  • Complete training through the Talent Management Program within first 21 days of employment
  • Grow revenue by 5% year over year 
  • Deliver A+ customer service to customers and partners

Key Responsibilities

  • Promote and recruit new and past customers
  • Manage and run all events, meetings, activities, and games, as assigned
  • Provide A+ customer service to both customers and business partners using a variety of communication methods
  • Complete all operational tasks, including but not limited to: activity set up, equipment management,  t-shirt ordering and distribution; roster management, and season scheduling
  • Establish and maintain relationships with new and existing facilities, bars, and sponsors
  • Share all facility and bar partner communications with GM
  • Ongoing marketing and brand promotion
  • Maintain regular contact with captains, volunteers and partners and share feedback with GM
  • Manage a budget as established by the GM

Ideal Qualifications

  • A background in sales, marketing, customer service or sports/recreation management (1 year minimum)
  • Excellent communicator and socially active and engaging
  • Solution-focused mindset with a willingness to learn and be coached
  • Ability to work within a team to collaborate and strive for a common goal
  • Desire to grow personal and professional network



Location: Bethesda, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Miami, Providence, Richmond, Santa Barbara, Tampa, Ventura County

The General Manager (GM) is a bridge between League and Social Managers (LSMs) and the Owners. The GM is responsible for the sales and operations within the assigned market/s which includes promotions and management of  all leagues, activities, and events, in addition to regular managing and mentoring LSMs. GMs lead LSMs toward building fun communities, providing engaging customer service, and assisting with sharing experiences and best practices company-wide.

First Year Outcomes

  • Complete training within 15 days
  • Grow revenue by 5% year over year in assigned market/s
  • Grow market products by at least one activity and LSM per year 

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage, mentor, train and coach all local LSMs including but no limited to status updates, budgets, goal setting and customer service response practices with help from talent management
  • Manage the promotions and recruitment of new and past customers
  • Help LSMs Provide A+ customer service to both customers and business partners using a variety of communication methods
  • Attend several events, meetings, and games and engage with customers and staff regularly
  • Help identify and recruit potential LSMs in the local market
  • Coordinate  staff updates and challenges with the HR Department
  • Establish and maintain relationships with facilities, bars, and sponsors and other vendors
  • Update and record all facility and bar partner contact information in shared document with supervisor 
  • Engage in ongoing marketing and brand promotion 
  • Manage the market budget including using CLUBWAKA retail pricing calculator to set all league and event pricing, and minimizing expenditures as possible
  • Perform LSM duties as necessary
  • Assist in market-wide event planning, sponsorship activation, and media relations as needed

Required Qualifications

  • A background in sales, marketing, customer service or sports/recreation management (1 year minimum)
  • 1 year+ of supervisory experience managing a team of 2 or more
  • Excellent communicator and socially active and engaging
  • Team and Goal Oriented mindset with proven track record
  • 1-2 years of on the experience with CLUBWAKA



Part-Time, 1099
Location: Hartford, Hampton Roads, Los Angeles

Our website is our storefront and we need to make it easy for customers to find us, learn about us, and register for our social sports activities.  We are looking for someone with the technical expertise to improve our website and coordinate inspiring and fun social media content.

First Year Outcomes

  • Coordinate and disseminate social media content across all markets
  • Improve user-experience on via WordPress and other plugins

Role Key Activities

  • Develop creative strategies for organizational program marketing campaigns (print/web/social)
  • Create social media content for appropriate platforms
  • Post regularly on national Instagram and Facebook pages 
    • Fun, relevant photos – follow the “jab, jab, jab, right hook” approach 
  • Establish a quarterly system for obtaining fresh high-quality photos and video of people enjoying CLUBWAKA activities
  • Share with staff via an internal Facebook group a system to curate social media material
  • Generate 3 unique story branded frameworks and utilize them across all campaigns
  • Encourage and foster a fun and social environment in our staff-facing Facebook “Clubhouse” group

Ideal Qualifications

  • Participation as a CLUBWAKA customer is a big plus
  • Experience in working on WordPress CMS customization
  • Excellent debugging, problem solving, and testing skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in a remote work environment
  • Experience building user interfaces for websites and/or web applications






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