Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding the registration process at If you do not see the answers to your question here, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help you. 

CLUBWAKA Registration FAQ's

Are usernames valid at usernames are not valid on so all players will need to create a new account at To quickly and easily create your free user account, visit our account creation page.

How can I sign up for an account at

Visit our account creation page to quickly and easily create your free user account.

How can I find and sign up for a CLUBWAKA activity near me?

Visit our home page at to enter your zip code and find leagues near you! You can also scroll down further on our home page to find links to all of the CLUBWAKA market pages so you can see a listing of all leagues available in your market.

Can I register for my teammates?

You can pay for your teammates registration fees, but all players must complete the registration process at

How can I pay for my teammates registration fees?

To purchase registrations for your teammates to use, please follow the steps below:

  1. ​On, find the activity that you are participating in, and click on the “Register Now” button.
  2. In the “Select Packages” step of the registration process, find the “Purchase For Others” section, and enter the quantity of registrations you'd like to purchase then click on the "Add to Cart" button.
  3. After you’ve clicked on “Add to Cart”, follow the link below that button, or click on “Cart” in the top menu, to complete your purchase.
  4. Coupon codes that your teammates can use to sign up for your activity will be on your player account in the quantity you requested. To access your account, make sure you are logged in and click My Account in the top right corner, then the Coupons tab, and all coupons, value and uses will be listed.
  5. Share the coupon code(s) with your teammate(s) and instruct them to complete the registration process for activity that you are participating in. Make sure to only share one code per teammate, since each coupon code can be used only once.

How can I redeem a coupon code purchased at

Start the order process as usual for the item that you would like to purchase, then when you arrive to the “Payment Options” step of the order process, enter your coupon code into the “Credits & Coupons” field and click “Add”. Upon clicking “Add” your order should automatically update with the discount applied.

How can I redeem a coupon code that I received for

If you have a coupon code that you would like to redeem at please contact us or your local representative and include in your message the specific coupon code(s) you would like to redeem. Expiration dates and any specified use restrictions will still apply.

What is included in a CLUBWAKA registration?

CLUBWAKA activities generally include weekly games plus playoffs, a team shirt for each player, planned parties, and weekly food & drink specials at your league’s sponsor bar.

How can I start a friend group that my teammates can join when they sign up?

The ability to start a friend group is part of the registration process. Once you’ve logged in and selected your desired registration package, the next step is to indicate your team preferences. When you’re at the team preferences page, select the “I'd like to create a new group so my friends can join.” option. From there you will be able to add the name of your friend group, indicate whether it will be public or private, and select a preferred team shirt color.

How can I join a private friend group?

When your captain creates a private friend group and adds you to their friend group, you will receive an email invitation where you will have the option to join their group and register. Also, upon logging into an account that is associated with the email address that your captain invited, you’ll see an invitation to the friend group that you can accept or decline. If you do not see this invitation when logged in, verify with your captain that they have invited the email address that is used for your account.

Why can’t I find the invitation to my private friend group when I log on to

Another email address of yours may have received the invitation to the friend group. Check with your captain to make sure they sent an invitation to the correct email address, and ask them to re-invite you. You can also check your email inbox for the email invitation that is sent upon being added to a friend group.

When I register, what information does CLUBWAKA keep and what do they do with it?

To view what information CLUBWAKA collects and how we use it, you can view our privacy policy.

What is CLUBWAKA’s refund and cancellation policies?

You can view CLUBWAKA’s refund and cancellation policies HERE.

What other policies do CLUBWAKA's activities follow?

Click here for details on CLUBWAKA policies in regards to alcohol, field regulations, shirts, protests, cancellations, paper forfeits, player eligibility, roster violations, league sizes, roster additions, and sponsorships.

Why is my registration more expensive than what was listed on the activity page?

The price listed on the activity page is for the standard registration package. If you upgrade from the standard package to the Plus or Performance package then the registration price will increase accordingly. Also, for registrations with a shirt size of XXL or larger, there is an additional $2 charge per shirt.