What started in 1998 as the World Adult Kickball Association has exploded across the nation as CLUBWAKA, the country’s premier social club providing adult sports leagues, social activities and events.

In everything we do, we believe in having fun. Life should be fun and people should be happy. Our goal is to create 100 million smiles and our mission is to deliver the best fun and life-changing happiness. We do this by operating fantastic league, event, and party experiences.


In 1998, some friends were reminiscing about their college co-ed fraternity experiences and discussing how to have that fun again in the “adult world.” While brainstorming the social club idea, they remembered how much fun it was to play kickball in elementary school and that it might still be a fun thing for adults. Later, after adding another friend to the mix, the five of them planned out and ran the first World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) season. It turned out that lots of other people were also looking for this more relaxed adult sports league with an emphasis on the after parties and tons of fun new friends. Over the first few years, WAKA’s unique offerings were covered in local and national news reports and articles across the U.S. Messages flooded in, and WAKA was soon set up in cities coast-to-coast.


Some years later the association name was simplified to “World Kickball Association” but the company kept the full WAKA name since it had earned a special meaning by then. In the early 2010s, WAKA started running other fun adult sports leagues such as dodgeball, volleyball, and bar games, and again updated its name to reflect its true essence. While most amateur sports leagues focus on the sport and competition and pay little attention to the community, we have always been first and foremost a social club, which happens to play adult sports and games together. We put social first.

Today CLUBWAKA operates in over 30 cities and provides the country’s most fun adult sports through the tightest social club communities. We run sports leagues, regional and national tournaments, events, and loads of happy hours and parties. We are guided every day by our core values of Live Fun, Do The Right Thing, Family First, and Build Strong Communities.


David Lowry and Jimmy Walicek were the original two founders to risk it all and quit their “normal” jobs to build CLUBWAKA full-time. They remain running the company today and are proud to work and play with some of the finest staff ever. Together CLUBWAKA works tirelessly throughout the country to continue the mission and positively affect every life we touch. Here’s to you, the CLUBWAKA staff, the tens of thousands of members, the hundreds of partners, and dozens of charities who together form our amazing community!




This is our “why.” Everything we do, we believe in having fun. Life should be fun, and people should be happy


We make our best decisions when following this principle. This includes being positive and delivering the best, being fair, fostering a safe environment, and respecting our staff, members, partners, and each other.


We believe in the strength of family, however, defined, and will best accommodate and schedule time off needed during an employee’s family needs.


We build and create real-life social communities through fun, positive experiences, adult sports leagues, and opportunities. We enjoy supporting and working together with neighborhoods, businesses, and charities.


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